About Lending Hands 



Board of Directors--2017:

Board Chair – Julie VanderNoot

Board Vice Chair – Art Roberts

Secretary –  Jay Asher

Treasurer – John Hilliard

Director - Samantha Carlson

Director - Tracy Hatch

Director - Kelly Quardokas

Director --Tim Stowers

Director- Dan Storey R.N.

Director-Kim Middleton

Ex-offico & Executive Director – Lucinda M. Stinson, MPA



Our Mission:

     The mission of Lending Hands is to lend various kinds of home medical and other related equipment, for free and on a temporary basis, to anyone living in our service area without regard to age, race, sex, creed, income or disability.


Our Goals:

  • Provide quality service to those in need.
  • Give thanks and good will to our donors.
  • Provide care, recognition and support to our volunteers.
  • Build lasting relationships with our communities.


     Since our start in 2005 Lending Hands has served over 24,000 clients with over 40,000 pieces of medical equipment.  Since our start in 2005, we have saved our clients, the health care system and various entitlement programs over $9 .4 Million in out-of-pocket expenses.  Volunteers have contributed over 65,000 hours of service.  In 2017 demand for our free medical equipment loan program continues to increase at the rate of 10% per month. 


Restoring Lives, Providing Comfort and Sharing Social Responsibility

Lending Hands of Michigan, Inc. · 2403 Helen Ave., Portage, MI 49002